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All dogs are spayed/neutered and vaccinated, dewormed, fecal check, heartworm tested if old enough, heartworm treated if positive, and microchipped prior to adoption. All dogs are generally crate trained in the foster home and housebroken. Several have received additional medical care as well. The standard adoption donation is $175.00 to $225.00. However, the donation can easily be adjusted for seniors and dogs with special needs.  The adoption donation helps us provide care for the foster dogs in our program as well as other dogs in the community.

Each dog will go to his/her new home for a 10 day trial period. Within these 10 days, if the match does not work out, the adoptee will receive a full refund. After this 10 day period, Sunburst is not required to give a refund.  We ask potential adopters to fill out a short application (shown below). If a match is made, adopters are asked to sign a contract stating that they will provide all necessary care. If they are unable to do so the dog must be returned to Sunburst Foundation  

All dogs are adopted out as family members. They are not to be kept exclusively outdoors. They must be indoors and part of the family.  We do not want the dogs left outside unattended at all.  Too many things can happen such as a theft, escape, eating something they should not, etc...

Sunburst provides basic leash work to all adoptees and we encourage that the new owners continue their training with a professional trainer.  This is important not only for canines to learn their basic obedience skills, but also for the owner to learn and practice good communication skills with their new pet.

To review the final Adoption Contract that you will be required to sign at the time of adoption, visit our Online Forms page and click on the Adoption Contract and Addendum to the Adoption Contract.

We are totally a volunteer group with all of the dogs fostered in private homes.  We do not have a shelter.  If you wish to see one of our available companions, please complete our adoption application and we will make arrangements with you.
NOT an option, it
is an obligation.
It is not something to be done only once I start causing problems, it is how to prevent problems from starting.


All questions must be answered completely for application to be considered.

** Please Note:  A home visit and a vet reference are requirements of all adoptions prior to taking home an adopted pet **

Application for (name of animal):

Personal and Household Information
Your Name (First & Last)
Please list all other adults in household:
City, State, Zip
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Email Address:
Driver's License Number
Number of people living in your household: Adults:      Ages:

Children/Infants:      Ages:

Is anyone in your home allergic to animals? Yes  No
If Yes, who, and how will you manage the allergies with the newly adopted pet?
What type of home do you live in? House
Condo / Townhouse
Mobile Home
Other - Explain:
Do you Own or Rent? Own
Live with Parents
How long have you lived at your present address?
If you rent, please list your landlord / rental agent information so we may verify that animal guardianship is allowed: Name:

Phone Number:
Name of your Employer(s):
This applies to all adults living in your household
Primary Applicant: Other Adults in household
Employer's Name/Company
City, State, Zip
Phone Number:
How long at present job?

Pet Ownership Information  
Why do you wish to adopt this animal?
This animal may live 20+ years. Do you believe their care is a lifetime commitment? Yes  No
Who in the family will be responsible for the care of this animal?
Please mark all that applies: Have a Yard? Yes  No
Fenced in yard?
Yes   No
Type of Fence: 
Chain Link   Wood  Block Wall Invisible Fence
No Fence   Not Applicable (no yard)
Other (describe)
Fence Height:

Dog Kennel
Yes  No
If adopting a cat. will you declaw? Yes  No
If Yes, Why?
Is someone home during the day? Yes  No
If no, how long with the animal be alone?
Where will the adopted Pet be kept (crated, certain areas of house, etc.) 
Please mark all that applies.
Dog or cat will be kept: Totally
Crated Free Roam Other
Please use the comment box to explain other
During the Day
At Night
When I (we) are not home
  Go with
Petsitter Board at
Vet / Kennel
Please use the comment box to explain other

When I (we)
Travel / Vacation
Other Comments:
Please use this section of explain any "other"
What would you consider bad behavior from this animal?
How will you train or correct this animal if he/she misbehaves?
What would cause you to return this animal to us?
What will you do with this animal if you move unexpectedly or move where animals are not allowed?
How much are you willing to spend on this animal per month for food/supplies?
How much are you willing to spend on this animal for veterinary visits/medications?
Name of Veterinarian / Hospital
City, State, Zip
Phone Number:
Don't have a vet, but plan to use:  Vet's Name:
New vet's phone number:
Do you have other animals? Yes  No
Do you feel they will get along with this adopted animal?
Please list ALL companion animals you NOW HAVE and ALL you HAVE HAD in the past 10 years.
Companion Animal Information How did you acquire?
If from rescue/shelter,
please enter name.
How long
in your care?
Indoor Only
Outdoor Only
Where are
they now?
If deceased,
from what?
Type/Breed Name Age

Additional Comments and Certification

Please use this section to add any comments/explanations you may have:

By submitting this online adoption application, I/We certify that all information supplied on this application is true. 

I/We understand that if any information given by us it found to be false, this adoption application will be nullified.

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