Sunburst Foundation has been a Nonprofit Canine Rescue since 2003.  While we are still rescuing canines on a small scale, we have concentrated our efforts the past few years in proactive approach.  This entails looking at the “Big Picture” and realizing that unless we stop the in-flow of homeless cats and dogs into municipal shelters, we will never be able to provide rescue to them all.  Sunburst Foundation had a very successful grant program
Sunburst Foundation of Wilmington
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We have some very loveable companions waiting for their new home
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Our rescue efforts exists because of your generous donations.  There is no donation too small
Lola is a 6 to 7 year old Shepherd / Labrador mix

~Read Her Bio~
Need Pet Boarding?

A Dogs Dream Kennel
has fostered many homeless canines over the years.  Some of these have been Sunburst Foundation canines ... Wolfgang, Jerry, Jai, Lola, Ted, to name a few.

They are making this special offer:
"Any dog that has been adopted from a rescue or animal control within the past year receives $20 off their first stay at A Dogs Dream Kennel."

Contact them directly to make arrangements for your pet's next overnight boarding needs.

through an anonymous benefactor in which $5000 was used to provide spay/neuter services to around 50 canines.  These were owned canines only and targeted for this grant meaning that they were among the biggest contributors to canine overpopulation in the Pender County area.

As the verse goes, “Helping one dog won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that dog.”  This is how our community can work together to make this a reality, 1 pet at a time.
Due to the prevalence of heartworm disease in our area of the country, heartworm treatment
is both costly and time intensive.  Visit our Special Medical Needs page to see how you can help.
Beau would like to invite you to come visit
our Happy Tails page. We are celebrating
every day for finding our new Forever Home
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Help Support our Dogs by purchasing a bag of dog food for them.
We feed our dogs Nature's Select Holistic Dog Food.
Each bag costs $50.00.

Each bag of dog food will feed a dog for an entire month.

Purchase 1 bag of dog food and save a dogs' life;
or purchase a half bag of dog food and
you will still be making a huge difference
in the life of a homeless dog.

By using the "BUY NOW" buttons, you will be providing the funds
for us to purchase Nature's Select dog food for our dogs in rescue.
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Congratulations Pender County Animal Shelter for the putting into place a medical care program which now includes vaccines and spay/neuter services for every cat and dog leaving the shelter.  This is only the beginning and we are so thankful to the folks that have worked to help make this a model shelter for animal welfare.

The Surf Fest was a big success. 
Many thanks to K-38 and Hope from Helen.

Thank you everyone for your support!
Shorty is a 1 1/2 year old neutered male Corgi Mix.

Shorty has heartworm disease and desperately needs your donations for his treatment

~Read His Bio~
Shorty  *Our Special Needs Dog*
Many Thanks to
Dog Tag Art
for donating these
tags for our rescue
dogs to wear
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Puppies and mothers need a little help from their friends. We have been able so far to keep them out of an already overcrowded shelter.

2 litters of puppies were born on the property of a family in Hampstead to 2 mothers, a day apart. The mothers are beagle/black and tan hound mixes and there are 9 adorable puppies, 4 girls and 5 boys. We have received some initial help from a few local Angels and we have been able to start providing care for the puppies who were in rough shape with fleas, hookworms and ringworm. They are almost 8 weeks old and getting their first set of vaccinations this week. The mothers have had no medical care yet because we have not had the funds. We are desperate to provide help to them before they have another pregnancy.
Sunburst Foundation "Little Rascals" need homes.
These are puppies from a litter and are 5 weeks old.
Please contact
to find out how you can add one of these precious pups to your family. 
They are beagle/hound mixes!
A Celebrity in our Midst

One of our foster dogs has become a local celebrity after his debut in the soon to be released Happy2 video of Wrightsville Beach.  It is Zesty (black lab) in the pics.  Release date is Sept 1, 2014.  He had a blast filming it.